Our Automation Partners

Agile Robotic Systems

MachineTech can help you automate any machine in your shop, regardless of the machine tool brand, without going through the OEM.

Providing flexible, reliable, and easy to use automation systems has never been more important than it is now. In our search to find the right automation partner, we looked at several industry leaders and quickly realized that Agile Robotic Systems has the most complete offering on the market. Their conversational control is extremely intuitive and easy to program. Their Flex drawer systems are durable, flexible, and well designed. They have the capability to take on most any automation application, from simple load/unload operations to completely custom automation cells. Most importantly, they provide good support to their customers, which is increasingly hard to find.

If you have interest in automating a machine in your facility, regardless of what machine tool brand, we can help. We will work with Agile to provide the cell design, robot system, auto door, and robot interface – all without needing to go through the OEM.

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Hurco ProCobots

Hurco has developed ProCobots to be an easy to use, cost effective solution to automate your Hurco.

Our mission at Hurco is to help customers be more productive and profitable by delivering manufacturing. After we interviewed customers, did our research, and vetted automation partners, we developed Practical Job Shop Automation to eliminate the problems job shops had experienced with automation inflexibility, complex integrations, and complicated robot programming. The key advantage of Hurco’s automation for high-mix manufacturing is the complete integration of robot into the Hurco control. This control integration gives our customers complete control over their automation – quick changeover (less than 5 minutes), flexibility (ability to move the robot to another Hurco Machine), quick installation, and no robot programming. If you can program a Hurco, you can program the robot.

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